** Multi-Family Rummage/part estate sale** - garage & moving sales - yard estate sale - craigslist (2024)

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** Multi-Family Rummage/part estate sale** - garage & moving sales - yard estate sale - craigslist (1)

Sunnyslope near Maryknoll

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thursday 2024-05-23

friday 2024-05-24

saturday 2024-05-25

start time: 9AM

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Visit our rummage at the corner of Sunnyslope Road and Maryknoll Drive in New Berlin. RAIN OR SHINE!

THURSDAY 5/23: 9am - 5pm
FRIDAY 5/24: 9am - 1pm
SATURDAY 5/25: 9am - 5pm
SUN 5/26: 11am - 4pm
MON 5/27: 9am - 4pm

Other rummages at: Regal Manor East subdivision (Thursday 5/23 thru Saturday 5/25)

CLICK "MORE ADS BY THIS USER" on the right of this post for LOTS of individual items we're selling

- Indoor plants: kalanchoe
- Perennials: Hostas, bee balm, stella de oro lilies, coneflowers, raspberry plants, irises, Siberian irises, phlox, lily of the valley, yarrow, sweet woodruff, coral bells
- Groundcover: Lamium, Pachysandra
- Sunflower seedlings, canna bulbs, coleus, seeds for several annual flowers, and a variety of houseplants.
- Shrubs: Burning bush, Euonymus vine (winter creeper), Dogwood, Japanese lilac.


- Garden gloves
- FCMP Outdoor IM 4000, 43-gallon composter (Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter)

- Vintage Antique Scythe Hay Sickle (1920s): long, slightly curved 26" blade attached to a 5' long pole with two handles on it. Used, but in very good condition. Reasonable offer accepted.
- Vintage Steel Serrated Weed Cutter with an extra serrated blade. 31" wood handle.
- Antique Vintage Crystal Glass Oil/Kerosene Lamp
- Mid-century Indiana White Grape Milk Glass Tray
- Vintage hand painted ceramic match holder and salt and pepper set

- Statehood Quarters: one set of two albums 1999-2008
- Kennedy Half Dollar 1985P Double Dated, Gold Plated
- Eisenhower Dollar 1776-1976 Gold Plated Coin

- Vintage 45's: Rock'n Roll (see separate post by clicking the "More ads by this user" at the right of this main rummage post)
- Polka/Waltz Records
- Music CDs: Adam Sandler, Jars of Clay, Classical, Country and more
- LP Album Sets

- 11x17 Screwpost Art Portfolio Book for the SERIOUS ART STUDENT!
- Vintage sewing supplies: thread, cover your own buttons, sequins, zippers, and more
- Original wood-fired ceramics
- Large plastic sewing box with removable drawer, plaster of paris, paints, sequins
- Beads
- Ribbon
- Limited amount of fabric

- TriVac (Blow, Mulch, Vac): WorX brand, model WG509 (brand new)
- Lawn Sweeper, brand Yardwise (brand new)
- New lawn mower tractor BELT for 38 in deck (brand new)
- Landscape cloth 3' by 29'
- FCMP Outdoor IM 4000, 43-gallon composter (Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter)

PACKER and NASCAR COLLECTIBLES -- SEE SEPARATE POSTS of each item below by clicking the "More ads by this user" at the right of this main rummage post!! REASONABLE OFFERS ACCEPTED!!

- Brett Favre: signed Super Bowl XXXI Wilson football with Certificate of Authenticity ("COA")
- Brett Favre signed "For The Record" book with COA and picture of Brett signing

- Green Bay Packers suede leather jacket, large
- Brett Favre No. 4 Packer jersey; Logo Athletic, large (size 52)
- Brett Favre No. 4 Packer jersey; Reebok, XL (size 54)
- Brand New Aaron Rodgers fathead.com heavy-duty vinyl, life size, wall photo 48"tall x 72"long

- Vintage Miller High Life NFL Mirror
- Hats, posters, and lots more!

- Baseball Hall of Fame Heroes - First Edition
- 1919 Babe Ruth contract

- Willow Tree (brand name) "Together" and "Grandmother", Art Stone "Dance", "Faith" and "Laugh". 16" tall figurine of Woman with a heart

- Vintage Jewelry: Necklaces, Earrings, pins - prices start at 25 cents
- Women's Clothing Size medium, large, XL
- Ladies Spring Jacket, Size Large
- Men's spring jacket Size XL
- Boys baby and toddler clothes and shoes - infant, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T (Lots! Pajamas, jeans, pants, shorts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, swim trunks)
- Purses and wallets
- Vintage ladies' scarves
- Black graduation gown, size medium, height 5'7" to 5'9" (high school or college), with a black cap
- Purple Graduation cap
- Zippered clothes bags
- Army raincoat, size large

- Hasty Bake Ranger Grill, Model 380 for grilling, baking or smoking food
- Ladies White Figure Skates with blade guards: American Rocket brand, Size 8, Style 522
- Hunting Clothes: Camo rain jacket with hood, medium; Camo sleeveless vest XL with attached seat for turkey hunting
- Rifle cases
- Vintage golf pull cart - $3
- Army raincoat (polyester, cotton) Size L

Fly fishing fly tying vises:
- Thompson A vise, clamp-on and with homemade pedestal base
- Homemade basic clamp-on fly tying vise

- Rubber hip waders by Rainfair, Size 8 shoe with steel shank

- Hand saws

- Wolfgang Puck Kitchentek Pressure Oven
- Cookmate Convection Roaster
- Oster Food Steamer, programmable model 5716

- Copper Chef Brownie Cake Pan with dividers (new)
- Flavorwave Turbo Cooker (glass)
- Antique Vintage Crystal Etched Glass Oil/Kerosene Lamp
- Xpress Redi Set Go Grill Cooker
- Juicer, Juiceman Series 211
- Meat Cuber Tenderizer by Sportsman. Prepares meat up to 1/2" thick!! NEW ITEM
- Thane Housewares 5 in 1 Kitchen Grater, new in box
- Dry Heat Fry Pan 10 1/2" diameter
- Amber Corning-Pyrex glass cookware (.5 liter sauce pan with lid AND 7" skillet saute pan)

- Donut maker
- Smartware silicone bakeware: 16"x11" flat nonstick baking mat, loaf pan, muffin pan
- BBQ non-stick grill mats

- Vintage Indiana White Grape Milk Glass Tray
- King size bed sets (flat and fitted sheets with 2 pillow cases)
- Utensils and other servers
- Glass bud vases
- Picture frames-various sizes
- File binders, folders
- Eureka vacuum cleaner bags

- Boys baby and toddler clothes and shoes - infant, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T (Lots! Pajamas, jeans, pants, shorts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, swim trunks)
- Handmade wooden rocking horse
- Vintage wooden Radio Flyer toddler scooter.
- Toys: including Little Tikes Track and Waffle blocks set, Vintage Fisher Price Cookie Jar Counting Toy with 12 cookies. Little Tikes, Mack and Tonka trucks.
- More Toys: large Fischer Price Multi-level Thomas The Train Track, Fischer Price Wheelie Garage, Red and Blue Little Tikes slide, Green Toys (that is the brand), Tonka Truck, Mega Bloks, Miniature cars by Maisto and Kinsman and Match Box cars
- 42 piece Melissa and Doug stackable train set
- 68 piece Lego/Duplo block set in rolling bus

- Kids winter coats, snow boots and shoes sizes 5 1/2 to 10

- Games including Balderdash
- Puzzles, children's books

- Wooden Baby Cradle - (see separate post by clicking the "More ads by this user" at the right of this main rummage post)

- Safety goggles, Cleaners, Grout sealer, Rulers, Master locks, plumbing parts and lots more!
- ATG 1/2" Impact Drill (like new) 110 volts, input power 650 watts; for concrete masonry
- Tornado Tool 18.0v Cordless Drill
- Other small hardware and parts

- Books
- Religious medals, rosaries, necklaces, wall plaques and ornaments
- Red velvet pew bows
- Glass bud vases
- Crocheted Doilies

- Vintage Bell and Howell One Nine 8mm movie Camera with leather case

- Amcor Ionoscope
- New Oregon Scientific All Hazards "Weather Radio" model WR3000

- Unitrex 1200 Desktop Digital Calculator
- VCR head and tape cleaner
- Resealable manilla envelopes 12.5"x 9.5"
- Vinyl file storage cases and binders, rulers
- Postcards, greeting cards

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    ** Multi-Family Rummage/part estate sale** - garage & moving sales - yard estate sale - craigslist (2024)


    How to do a garage sale by yourself? ›

    Never operate a garage sale by yourself. At least two persons should always be available to watch persons coming onto the premises to browse the items being sold. There should only be one designated cashier so buyers can't claim they paid someone else.

    How do I create a garage sale listing on the marketplace? ›

    Things You Should Know
    1. Create a new "Item for Sale" listing on Facebook Marketplace. Use "Garage sale" as the title and include photos of your items.
    2. Create an Event for your garage sale. Include the location, date, and time, along with pictures of your items.
    3. Use your status to advertise.

    What is a good amount of money to start with for a garage sale? ›

    Many experienced sellers recommend having $100 in cash for your garage sale. Not only is this a good amount to get your sale started, but it also makes it easy to calculate your profit quickly.

    What sells best at yard sales? ›

    Baby & kids clothing, toys, and gadgets sell super well as well as kitchen stuff (dishes, cookware, etc). Adult clothing can sell, but it's generally not as popular as kids clothing. If you don't have many of the best selling items, a garage sale might not be worth your time.

    Why does Facebook keep rejecting my garage sale? ›

    Listings are often not approved because the product or listing did not follow our policies. If you see There are issues with your product next to your listing, then the listing wasn't approved because it doesn't follow our Commerce Policies. Other people on Marketplace can't see this listing.

    What is the best site to post a garage sale? ›

    Sites like YardSaleSearch.com, Gsalr.com and GarageSaleFinder.com—and their mobile apps—enable garage sale enthusiasts to browse sale listings and even map out a route of their favorites. You may also want to do a quick Facebook search to see if you have any active garage sale groups in your area.

    How do I start selling on the marketplace? ›

    Sell something on Facebook Marketplace
    1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
    2. Tap . ...
    3. Tap Sell at the top, then tap Items.
    4. Tap Add photos to add photos from your phone, or take a new photo. ...
    5. Enter the info about your item. ...
    6. Tap to hide your listing from your Facebook friends. ...
    7. Click Next.

    What kind of change should I have for a garage sale? ›

    Sometimes I've started with only $30 but always make sure and have the 10 $1 bills because a lot of people will buy a one or two dollar item and give you a five. I also make sure I have a few more $1's and $5's in the house in case I need them. Try to not price anything less than $1.00, or requiring coins.

    How do you display items for a garage sale? ›

    Use tables (that aren't for sale) to display your wares. This makes it easy for people to see the merchandise without bending or squatting – and will help keep items from getting broken underfoot. Create displays that draw people in.

    Do you need a permit to have a yard sale in California? ›

    When you have a garage sale and sell used items, you are generally not required to hold a seller's permit. However, if you have more than two garage sales within a 12-month period, you are required to hold a seller's permit.

    What is the best day for a garage sale? ›

    Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings are usually the best time to hold a successful garage sale. Consider scheduling your sale on the first weekend of the month—when people have just gotten paid and haven't spent all their fun money yet.

    How to set up garage sale table? ›

    If you have collections of things to sell, like dishware, a smattering of blue vases, artwork or gloves, hats and jewelry that all works together, group those things on tables and create a tableau that's enticing. Place larger furniture items in an area that won't be damaged by wet grass or weeping, sappy trees.

    What to use for cash box for garage sale? ›

    Ditch the clunky, heavy cash box that can be easily stolen, and just wear a fanny pack. If you're only dealing in bills, your fanny pack is guaranteed to be light, and not watching a cash box frees you up to assist any potential customers.

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